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Readers of might be interested in the following podcasts and radio shows that I took part in.

BBC Radio 4

In 2013 an episode of BBC Radio 4 Inside Health featured a section on Functional Disorders with an interview of Lucy whose videos feature on this site.

The American Academy of Neurology asked me to do a series of podcasts on FND series in 2018. You can hear all the episodes in this combined podcast. Episodes 1-4. FND Diagnosis and Treatment

Neurology Minute Podcasts

I recorded these as part of the American Academy of Neurology, “Neurology Minute” series in 2019. They are targeted at Neurologists to try to improve clinical practice but patients have told me they find them useful.

Other podcasts

Here are some other podcasts:

The Brain 2.0 – Alex Lehn, Neurologist in Brisbane, discusses FND alongside Christine a patient with the condition who he has treated.

Medicine360 – A podcast by Medicine360 hosted by Bristol Medical School and hosted by medical student Vinay Mandagere. In these two podcast we explore FND with the help of Katy Rose Bennett, a musician with FND

Part 1

Part 2

FND and encephalits – A video podcast from June 2021 with myself, Tim Nicholson and Ava Easton from the Encephalitis Society exploring FND – especially looking at the overlap between these two diagnoses

FND Braincast – with Pospo – A video podcast with myself and my colleague Professor Alan Carson, made with Dr Sotiris Posporelis, Neuropsychiatrist and the Maudsley Hospital. This is made for doctors (and especially psychiatrists) but may be of general interest.